Australian Curriculum 7-10

Jacaranda provides new and better ways to dramatically improve teaching and learning with complete coverage of the Australian Curriculum 7- 10 , in print and digital formats.

Product suite includes:

  • Titles on the newlearnON platform(student and teacher versions)
  • Print textbook with activation code for learnON (select titles only)
  • eBookPLUS (Art only)
  • Supplementary digital products
Jacaranda Bundle Offers:

Here at Jacaranda we are dedicated to providing schools with trusted, high quality resources, at a price that is accessible to every school. That’s why we’ve created theJacaranda Digital Bundle(digital-only) and theJacaranda Value Bundle(print with digital) to meet the unique needs of every Australian school.

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Surpasses the aspirations of the curriculum
  • Written by expert Australian authors for the Australian market
  • Best practice pedagogy presented in each subject area

Depth and breadth of content
  • Carefully sequenced ideas to help build on prior knowledge
  • Opportunities for problem-solving, exploration and investigation

  • Content development allows for personalisation
  • Enables differentiation so no student is held back or left behind

Engaging content
  • Media rich, easy to follow layout with intuitive navigation
  • Activities that encourage curiosity